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Animal communication

'An animal communicator can telepathically talk with your pets whether they are living or in spirit form.  They will give you vital information for their happiness and wellness.'  (taken from

Rachel Bowen Animal CommunicatorWhen you communicate with an animal you do this intuitively.  You are mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images and emotions.  You can do this from a distance, from a photo or with some of the animal's hair or just their name.  You can also communicate with them whilst in their presence.  Animals are masters at intiuitive communication; they use their senses.  Throughout the centuries and due to our culture and modern life we have surpressed our natural ability.

There are many ways in which you can communicate with an animal.  True animal communication is not reading body language and having a guess at what they're thinking.  You can communicate mind to mind which is when you send and receive messages through thoughts and phrases.  You can also communicate through visual images, whereby you see a picture sent by the animal. 

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How can it help? 

It can help in many ways.