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About Rachel and Serenity Equine Care

Rachel Bowen, Equine Reiki, Animal CommunicationRachel has been around horses all her life, and has a great affinity with animals in general. She trains horses through natural horsemanship techniques.  She uses her experience as a spiritual medium to communicate with animals alive and passed. When working with a new horse she likes to find out from them about their past and what experiences whether good or bad.  She then organises the work and training to benefit the horse's wants and needs.

"I found that I was always able to communicate with the horses on a different level and could calm a situation down quite easily, this enabled me to help train nervous or difficult horses. Many horses I have worked with over the years have suffered abuse in the past, or maybe had a serious injury which they were taking too long to recover from."

Rachel is a trainer of Paso Finos and works with them on a daily basis. Since qualifying as a Reiki Master, she has worked on horse/rider relationship as well as problem horses and, perhaps most importantly, the general maintenance of happiness and well-being.

Rachel also works with rider/horse relationship problems as well as general maintenance of happiness and well-being.

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